Here with my father the late Commendatore Alfred John Bencini, ex-Police Commissioner

Rudolph Hess at the zenith of his career as Deputy Führer of the Third Reich

About the Book

Reading and writing have always fascinated me since childhood. My particular interest has always been autobiographies.
I particularly enjoyed the ones where the author was honest and “big” enough to write in depth about the downsides of his/her life rather than just writing ad nauseum about wonderful achievements. That in my opinion is a proper memoir.

The author of an autobiography must be ready to put his
heart on his sleeve. If not, it is not a genuine collection of facts.

My father the late Commendatore Alfred Bencini a former Police Commissioner in Malta published his wonderful and eventful autobiography “Nothing but the Truth” in 1986. It ignited my interest to start thinking seriously of writing mine. I reckoned I also had an interesting story to tell, though of a completely different nature.

I started making notes in my diaries from my early teens and have done so ever since. They helped jog my memory when I eventually decided to begin writing my Memoirs in my last British Army posting in Belgium in late 1996. I completed them in Malta in 2000. The book was published by me in 2001.

Although the chapter about Hess takes up a somewhat small part of my autobiography, he was my most well-known patient. Was the prisoner in Spandau really Rudolf Hess?